Learn About Us: Sales Options

Here are ways that ShowTix4U can be utilized and integrated into your organization. ShowTix4U is one system. Below is simply different ways you may choose to use it to sell tickets. ShowTix4U is here to help you sell more tickets, cheaper, all the while making your life easier.

Online ticket sales and a complete box office solution including the printing of tickets.

Online ticket sales and a box office solution using your own tickets (no box office printing of ShowTix4U tickets). This would still allow for credit card, cash, and check sales with the ability to track accounting but using tickets that you generate outside of the system.

Online ticket sales and ShowTix4U bulk ticket printing option. This allows for your customers to order tickets online and for you to print a number of bulk tickets via ShowTix4U bulk ticket printing to sell manually. This works well if you don't have internet access in your box office. Please note this option does not allow for a complete accounting of your event due to money being collected outside of the system.

Online ticket sales only. Sell tickets for your event online, prior to the event, but use your current procedures to sell tickets at the box office.

You choose or create the method that works for you. Remember, fees are ONLY paid for the tickets sold.

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